Great British Bee Count!

Bee on buddleiaFriends of the Earth have launched their Great British Bee Count app so that you can play a part in helping our native UK bees.  Via the app, you will discover loads about the bees you spot and easy ways to help them. You’ll also be helping bee experts build more understanding of our different species and how, for example, they’re coping with impacts such as climate change and habitat loss – so that ultimately their decline may be reversed.

Our native UK bees are in danger and numbers are declining at an alarming rate.  We have all seen the gardening programmes, articles, blogs etc advising us to plant bee-friendly flowers to help these little guys.  They are vital to the existence of our species but, not only that, we need to save them because, basically, they are great little insects and deserve to live their lives without humans ruining it for them through pesticide use and habitat loss.

Bee on Cornflower

The app is easy to use and, as you register each sighting, the information about the bee (including the habitat, geographic location and weather conditions)  will be recorded on the Friends of the Earth’s database. Your records will then be verified and uploaded them to the National Biodiveristy Network Atlas where they will be available to scientists and conservationists across the UK.  This year, wildflowers have also been included in the app to help in their identification too.

The Great British Bee Count is great fun and for a fantastic cause.  Kids will also find it fun and it will hopefully promote an interest in them to continue to help look after our bees.  You can download the app from the Friends of the Earth website.  Whilst the Bee Count is only running until 30 June (so hurry and get your app!) the information the app contains about bees is available all through summer to help you identify even more bees after the Count is over.

Please download the app and help our bees.  As Friends of the Earth say “…by taking part, you’ll be sending a clear signal to the government and decision-makers that the public care about the future of bees. That’s why we want as many people as possible to take part – so that they can raise awareness among their friends and family about the wonderful world of bees and how everybody can take small steps to protect pollinators.”

beeWritten by Teresa Sinclair

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