Butterfly Conservation Moth Auction!

Photo courtesy of Iain Leach via Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation (a most wonderful charity devoted to helping our moths and butterflies!) is trying to raise the funds to publish a new, up-to-date moth atlas (they are not auctioning off real moths!).  The reason?  To celebrate the charity’s 50th anniversary!  This is the first ever complete atlas of Britain and Ireland’s larger moths and will provide up-to-date distribution maps and details of nearly 900 species. To raise the funds needed, people can sponsor a moth via an online auction site.  The sponsor’s name or dedication will be printed in the Atlas in the section relevant to that species.  All the auction info is on Butterfly Conservation’s moth auction page.  Auctions will run from 8am on the first day of the month, until 8pm on the last day of the month. Any un-sponsored moths will be re-listed in November and December 2017.

Why not help Butterfly Conservation achieve its goal, and have a bit of fun on the way!


Written by Teresa Sinclair

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