Promotional seed packets
Recycled seed packet

Wildflower Favours may be a wedding business, but we can also provide you with eco-friendly promotional seed packets for your business, event, school, charity etc. Your logo and design can be printed onto recycled seed packets or we can cut you all sorts of seed paper shapes for your event – seed paper that is recycled and really does grow into flowers!

In today’s very environmentally-aware society, businesses are becoming more aware of the need to show that they care about and are looking after the environment.  Eco-friendly promotional events and gifts are a good way for a business to show off their eco credentials.  But nowadays, the giving away of personalised plastic biros, little fluffy gonks or other fripperies are just not good enough.  A business needs to show it cares about the plight of our natural environment – and what better way to do this than to give away wildflower seed packets or plantable seed paper that will grow into flowers to benefit the butterflies bees and moths that depend on them for their survival.  If you opt for wildflowers, you can rest assured that our wildflower seeds only contain British species and are grown in the UK.  All of our seed packets are recycled.

Seed paper butterflies
Seed paper butterflies

We have produced tens of thousands of seed packets for promotional events, business gifts, charity events etc. People will hang on to the packets or plantable paper you give them because their gardens will benefit from the flowers that will be the end result – plus they will remember you every time they look at the flowers! We have  supplied many businesses with promotional seed packets – just a few examples:  White Stuff, Boden, Royal Entymological Society, Short-haired Bumblebee Project, Wildlife Trusts, Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, Beautiful Days Festival, Kerrygold, councils, 4Louis charity, Rowse Honey ……. the list goes on!  We also regularly supply hospices, funeral directors and vets with plantable Forget-me-not seed products which they give to bereaved relatives and pet owners.

You can get ideas from browsing the rest of this website to see the sort of thing we could do for your business/charity.  Anything is probably possible so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

Alternatively, visit our website dedicated to promotional products at Growing Promotions.