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10 Seed Paper Envelopes

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Pack of 10 seed paper envelopes.  Each white C6 envelope is made from recycled material embedded with various flower seeds – Chrysanthemum “Golden Ball”, Gypsophilia elegans “White”, Snapdragon “Rainbow Mix”, Candytuft “Mixed”, Lobularia “Snowcloth”, Ageratum “Blue Mink”, Petunia “Mixed” Godetia azalea “Double Mixed”, Dorotheanthus “Mixed”.

This envelope will take a piece of A6 paper unfolded, or A5 folded in half.

How to Plant Seed Paper Envelopes

How to plant seed paper
Dismantle the envelope so you have one sheet of paper.  This can be torn into smaller pieces if you wish.  Run the paper under the tap to give it a good soak and then place on top of a pot or tray or compost (preferably peat-free).  Cover with a light layer of more compost and water.  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate.