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10 Sheets A5 Plantable Flower Seed Paper

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This white plantable flower seed paper is great!  It is a thick recycled paper (about 150 gsm) embedded with various flower seeds. Seeds include: Catchfly, Daisy, Poppy, Sweet Alyssum, Spurred Snapdragon and Black-eyed Susan.

Paper size is A5 and the pack contain 10 sheets.  The paper is a UK-made product.  This seeded paper is perfect for writing on or for cutting shapes from.  If you are intending to print on this paper, please note that some printers do not like seeded paper! Therefore please be aware that damage could be done to your printer and we can accept no responsibility for that! DO NOT use in laser printers – they are hot and will kill the seeds. DO NOT use in a lithoprinter – the pressure will kill the seeds and the seeds will damage the printer! We print this paper on Canon and Epson inkjets.

How to use plantable flower seed paper

Simply place the paper on top of a pot of compost (preferably peat-free!) and water well. Spring and summer are the best times of year to do this so that you can have the flowers on show in your garden in the summer!  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate and keep moist – it is vital to successful germination not to let the paper dry out!  Once you have lots of seedlings, transplant the whole lot into a bigger pot and place on your patio in a sunny spot.  We do not recommend planting the paper directly in the garden as there is the risk of slugs and mice eating the seeds/seedlings. The photos below show the flower seed paper germinating and flowering.  A planting instruction card will be included with the paper.

How to plant seed paper
How to plant seed paper

Uses for flower seed paper

This paper makes unusual and unique wedding invitations and favours – prettify them by adding some pressed flowers or other decoration.  If you are not able to print on the paper with your printer, handwrite your invites or favour thank yous and tie with pretty ribbon.

This seeded paper is also perfect for cutting shapes from with a die cutter or sturdy punch for various craft project and making other embellishments, such as tags.

Cut a piece of the seed paper and attach to handmade recycled birthday cards etc with instructions on how to plant – an unusual card and one particularly to be appreciated by gardeners!  Only use a dab of glue here and there to avoid the seeds remaining on the actual card itself when the seed paper is removed!