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20 Large Forget-me-not Seed Paper Hearts

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These 4 inch seed paper hearts will grow into flowers when planted.  They come as a pack of 20 and are made from recycled paper embedded with Forget-me-not seeds.

They are very easy to plant but we will stamp brief planting instructions on the back of each one anyway!  Unfortunately we can’t print on the paper due to its thickness.


Information about Forget-me-nots

Forget-me-not seeds are best sown in the autumn so that they flower the following spring.  This paper is also best sown in autumn for the same reason.  However, no harm will ensue if sowed at another time of year!  Forget-me-nots produce masses of tiny blue flowers that have yellow centres.

Forget-me-nots have been in Britain for hundreds of years, since the late 1300’s, in fact, when Henry IV used the plant as his emblem.  It was known as Scorpion Grass, according to the seventeenth century herbalist Gerard,  because its flowerhead was thought to resemble a scorpion’s tail.  Therefore it was also believed to cure the sting of a scorpion, and snake and dog bites, rather bizarrely!

The flower’s name is thought to originate in German folklore, with the story of a knight picking Forget-me-not for his lady as they walked by a river.  He tripped and fell in but before he drowned he threw her the flowers and cried  “Forget me not!”  As with all legends, this could well be a fanciful tale!

Forget-me-nots were also kept in blacksmiths’ forges to protect horses from injury.  In the language of flowers, Forget-me-nots are symbolic of true love.

Suggestions for using Forget-me-not seed paper hearts

Use them as party place names, and write your guests’ names on them

They make great, unusual wedding favours for your wedding guests to take home and plant – and not forget your wedding day!

Turn them into a string of bunting and use each heart as a table plan for your wedding or party, writing the guests’ names on each table name

Use your imagination for incorporating them into craft projects

Enclose a heart with each wedding or party invitation to remind your guests not to forget the date, or incorporate them into Save the Date notifications

Give them to guests at a loved one’s funeral for them to remember the person

Planting Forget-me-not seed paper hearts

Place a heart on top of a pot of compost and water it well.   The paper must not dry out so keep it constantly moist! It is not necessary to cover the paper with more compost. Place the pot somewhere warm and light to germinate. Once seedlings have grown into little plants, either pot them on into bigger pots to grow a bit more, or plant outside straightaway in a sunny spot for a splash of blue flowers! We do not recommend planting directly into the garden due to the risk of slugs and mice eating the seeds or seedlings!

We have added a photo of the paper starting to germinate.

How to plant seed paper