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25 Lokta Paper Maple Leaves

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These are large paper maple leaves, cut from tree-free lokta paper, so very eco-friendly! They are perfect for decorating anything with an autumn theme as the paper colours are so evocative of autumn – leaves will be cut from paper colours available at the time of ordering.  Each leaf measures 4 inches.

Please note that the leaves are not cut from thick paper or card – the paper has an average weight of about 40 gsm – so they are thicker than tissue paper but not as thick as average computer printer paper.

What is lokta paper?

Lokta paper is a b=natural, unbleached eco paper.  It is made from the bark of the Daphne bush, which grows at high altitude in Nepal.  The bark is removed from the shrub but regrows again, so can be used over and over again – unlike trees which once they are gone – they are gone.  Click here to view how lokta  paper is made.

How can I use lokta maple leaves?

Use them as embellishments for wedding favours and invites, and party invites and favours

Write on them and use them as place settings; or even write your invitations on them

Scatter them on tables for decoration

Incorporate them into card-making and other craft projects

If creating an autumn display at school, use these leaves to help decorate it

Put a few leaves into greetings card so they tumble out when opened

Decorate parcels or party bags with them