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30 Seed Paper Hearts

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RHS plants for pollinatorsThis is a pack of 30 seed paper hearts measuring in 3 sizes – 51 x 44 mm, 63 x 51 mm and 76 x 63 mm across at their widest point. They are made from recycled cotton and paper and scattered with 3 lots of seed types – meadow wildflower and grass seeds, with bits of grass; poppy seeds, with petals; forget-me-not. Please choose from drop-down box above. Please note these sizes cannot be supplied separately, only as a mix.

These seed paper varieties have been made especially for us in the UK so you will not find them anywhere else!  The poppy and wildflower mixes contain only UK species grown in the UK.

How to plant seed paper hearts

These plantable seed paper hearts are very easy to plant!  They are best sown in Spring/Summer.  Simply place a shape on top of a pot of compost (preferably peat-free!) and water well.  Place somewhere warm and light to germinate – and do not allow to dry out (very important!).  Once the seedlings have developed well, repot the whole lot into a bigger pot and place outside on your patio or balcony to flower in the summer!  We do not recommend planting directly into the soil due to the risk of mice and slugs eating the seeds and seedlings.  This is quite a thick paper so it is a good idea to give it a good soak before putting on the compost and to make sure you water it regularly!  A planting information card is included.

How to plant seed paper