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Cornflower Petals Lokta Paper Notelets

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Very unusual and pretty cornflower petals lokta paper notelets made from tree-free lokta paper!  Pack of 10 x A6 notelets with matching envelopes.  The paper can be printed on or handwritten on so perfect for making your own pretty wedding invites, party invites or simply just dropping someone a line!

What is lokta paper?

Handmade lokta paper is a truly eco-friendly product, being totally treeless.  It is natural in colour and unbleached.  It is made from the bark of the Daphne bush, which grows at high altitude in Nepal.  The bush regenerates more growth and can be used again and again, so very eco-friendly!  The lokta paper we have is made in a small village where the makers are treated fairly and given a fair wage.

Lokta paper drying in the sun
Lokta paper drying in the sun
Bark of the Daphne bush used in making lokta paper
Lokta paper bark (photo courtesy of www.angleseypapercompany.co.uk)
Making lokta paper
Making lokta paper (photo courtesy of www.angleseypapercompany.co.uk)