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25 White Seed Paper Hearts

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These white seed paper hearts really do germinate when planted (we have tested the paper ourselves and it grows every time!).

The hearts come as a pack of 25  and measure 4 inches each in size at their widest point.  They are cut from recycled cotton paper, which is made in the UK.

The seeds inside are Black-eyed Susan, Poppy, Daisy, Spurred Snapdragon and Sweet Alyssum.

How do I plant seed paper hearts?

Easily!  No excuses, even the most horticulturally-challenged of people can plant them with no fuss!  They are best planted in Spring/Summer.  Get yourself a pot of (peat-free) compost and place a heart on top.  Then water well (this is important!).  Place the pot somewhere warm and light to aid germination.  It is vital not to let the paper dry out – to do so will result in failure!   Once the seedlings are growing nicely,  repot the whole lot into a bigger pot and grown on.  They look great on the patio or balcony when in full flower. It is not a good idea to plant outside into the soil as mice, slugs and other little tinkers will eat the seeds and seedlings. due to the risk of mice and slugs eating the seeds and seedlings.

How to plant seed paper

Some ideas for using seed paper hearts

Use them as party or wedding invitations or thank you cards – best to use a thin nibbed gel pen or biro rather than a felt pen or marker pen as these will bleed into the paper.

Punch a hole in the top of each heart peak and thread through with string to make bunting

If you are getting married, give them to your wedding guests as wedding favours

Use them as gift tags

They make great birthday presents or stocking fillers – tie a bundle of them together with pretty ribbon.