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A4 Printable Seed Paper 80 gsm

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This is a great printable seed paper for printing on with an inkjet (although we haven’t tried every printer available!).  The paper weight is 80 gsm, which is the same as conventional printer paper.  The paper is recycled and has a very slight sheen – the photo shows a sheet we have printed with a Canon inkjet.  This particular printable seed paper is ideal for printing letters, invites, leaflets, flyers etc.  It consists of a pack of 10 sheets and a recycled card is also included detailing the planting instructions, which you can copy and add to the paper – you don’t want is the recipient throwing the paper away, not realising it can be planted!  Please be aware that not all printers like seed paper and not all printers may accept it.  We cannot be responsible for any damaged caused to the printer or if your printer won’t print on it.  Do not print with a laser or any other printer that generates heat as the heat may kill the seeds.

The seeds in the paper are a mix of the following flowers:

Chrysanthemum “Golden Ball”, Baby’s Breath (white Gypsophilia), Snapdragon “Rainbow Mix”, Iberis Umbellata mixed (Candytuft),  Lobularia “Snowcloth”,  Ageratum “Blue Mink”, Petunia mixed,  Godetia,  Azalea double mixed, Dorotheanthus mixed.

How to plant printable seed paper

The paper can be torn into smaller sheets if necessary.  Place the seed paper on top of a pot of compost (peat-free if possible!) and water it well. Spring and summer (after all risk of frost is gone) are the best times of year for planting so that you can have the flowers through summer.  Place the pot somewhere warm and light to aid germination and keep the paper moist – it is vital to successful germination not to let the paper dry out!  Once you have lots of seedlings, transplant the whole lot into a bigger pot and place on your patio or balcony in a sunny area.  It is not a good idea to plant the paper outside in soil as there are too many creatures who will eat the seeds or seedlings!

How to plant seed paper