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Recycled Seed Paper

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We have a variety of quality recycled seed paper in stock embedded with various flower seeds that are good for butterflies and bees – Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Daisy, Catchfly and Spurred Snapdragon.  The paper is A5 size and comes as a pack of 10.  Planting instructions are also included in the packaging.

How to Plant Seed Paper

Seed paper is easy to plant – simply place a piece of paper on top of a pot of compost and water in.  Do not allow to dry out!  We do not recommend planting the paper directly into the garden due to the risk of slugs and mice eating the seeds/seedlings.
How to plant seed paper
How to plant seed paper
Seed paper can be printed on with some inkjets, usually only if they have a rear paper feeder.  However, we cannot guarantee it will be suitable for all inkjets and we cannot be responsible for any damage to your printer should that happen.   The paper is perfect, though, for cutting shapes from for craft projects, wedding favours or memorial gifts.