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Seed paper Greetings Card, Dandelion Design

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This folded seed paper is made on a small South African farm and contains Poppy and Alyssum seeds.   The card comes with a recycled envelope and is made from post-consumer waste from a nearby shredding company and school.  On the reverse of the card are the sowing instructions.  This seed paper greetings card is left blank inside and  is perfect for writing your own birthday message, thank you note or even wedding invite!

How to Plant Seed Paper Invites

Place the card on top of a pot of compost (it can be torn into smaller pieces if necessary and grown in lots of pots!) and water well.  Place the pot somewhere warm and light to germinate and remember to keep it moist!  We do not recommend planting directly into the garden due to the risk of mice, snails and slugs eating the seeds and seedlings, little rascals!

How to plant seed paper