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Wildflower Style GroMat

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What a fabulous idea! A pre-sown GroMat of flower seeds, making it so easy to grow beautiful flowers to create a wildflower meadow style display.  Flowers will bloom a few weeks after planting.

The mat is biodegradable and pre-sown with all sorts of flower seeds.  It measures 2m x 45cm and can be cut to fit any space!

This mat makes a great gift for someone, whether a gardener or not!  It is also a great gift for the butterflies and bees – they will love the flowers!

How to plant your gromat

Prepare the area for planting so that it is completely weed-free.  Place the seed mat on top and cover lightly with more soil or compost.  Water it well and keep it moist at all times.  Then watch the flowers bloom!


What flowers are in the Gromat?

The following pretty flower seeds are embedded in the Gromat (although this could vary slightly subject to seed availablility):

Achillea, Adonis, Agrostemma, Anagallis, Anethum, Aquilegia, Borago, Calendula, Calliopsis, Chrysanthemum, Centaurea, Cherianthus, Cichorium, Coriandrum, Cynoglossum, Daucus, Digitalis, Dipsacus, Echium, Eschscholzia, Gypsophilia, Hesperis, Hypericum, Lavatera, Linaria, Linum, Lobularia, Lupinus, Malcolmia, Malva, Matricaria, Myosotis, Nigella, OPenothera, Papver, Phacelia, Reseda, Rumex, Saponaria, Tanacetum, Viola, Viscaria.

Growing height – 1 – 3 ft (30 – 90 cm).